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Adventurous Safari and Relaxation in the Shadow of a Baobab

  • Do you want to experience unforgettable holidays in Kenya by the Indian ocean under hot African sun and you hate noisy and overcrowded hotel resorts?
  • Do you love relaxation in comfort, luxury and privacy?
  • If your answer on these questions is yes, then our villas are the right place for you to spend your time in Diani and this adress will be your next home: Adansonia Village Resort, Diani Beach.
  • Exactly for you we have prepared accommodation in privacy in the middle of the world famous African resort Diani Beach on the seashore of Indian ocean in two luxury villas Adansonia.

Welcome! Jambo!


Holidays in Diani in luxury and privacy - Adansonia Village Resort is situated in the middle of the well-known and popular place in Kenya, Diani Beach, which is world famous for beautiful sand beach and crystal clear water of Indian ocean. Diani Beach is located a few kilometers south of Mombassa. Temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius all year round. However, an ever blowing sea breeze offers some cooling. Adansonia is different from the other noisy and overcrowded hotel resorts just because we accentuate the maximum privacy of our guests and their relaxation at ease in exclusive resort with capacity of maximally 8 accomodated guests.


Adansonia villas were built in 2011 and our private Adansonia Village Resort has beautiful garden with large swimming pool that you will really enjoy. Villas are at a distance about 5 minutes walk from a beach. Availible are entries to beach resorts, where you can use their services (sunbeds and snack) and spend on the beach whole day. Our resort is guarded and equiped with safety device, TV, hifi with DVD player and USB, mobile phone with credit, air conditioned bedrooms, other rooms are equiped with ventilators. In the kitchen there is a refrigerator, combined cooker, water cooler with drinking water and grill. Massage bar is placed in privacy of the top terrace.


Adansonia offers you service of english and german speaking delegate, who will gladly execute your wishes and will manage all your requests concerning safari, diving, fishing, golf, trips and excursions, and all the other things regarding your stay in Adansonia. Adansonia staff will also wash your clothes. On demand we can arrange for you meal from best restaurants in Diani Beach including possibility to supply you with fresh fishes and other seafood from local fishermen.

And why exactly Adansonia? 

Because Adansonia is the Latin name for baobab. In close proximity to our villas, the local Adansonia digitata, or the baobab, is growing. The first literary references to baobab come from the 14th century. European botanists first introduced baobab fruits to Egypt, where they were imported by local traders. Adansonia digitata are usually found in dry, hot savannas in Sub-Saharan Africa where they dominate the landscape. Their maximum age, which is the subject of many theories, is over 1,000 years.